Move up Program


Does this only apply to moving up?

No, you can go from a higher price point home to a lower price point home and get the 1% credit based on the higher price point home. For example, $300,000 sale and $200,000 purchase, you get a 1% credit based on the higher of the two, which in this example would be $3,000.

Do I have to purchase a new home?

No, this can be an existing home or a new build.

Do I have to buy right away?

No, you can have a gap in time between your transactions of 1 year. Your credit, however, would be given on the second transaction.

What if the lender does not allow the credit on my purchase?

If the lender would not allow the credit on the purchase, then the credit would be applied on the listing transaction in the form of a reduction in commission. Please note your lender would be informed of the credit up front so they are aware and can plan accordingly.

Is it always a 1% credit?

No, the commission offered on the purchase must be 3% commission to receive a 1% credit. If it is less than 3% the credit is reduced by the reduction of the commission compared to 3%. For example, if the buyer’s agent commission is 2.5% then the credit would be .5%. If the buyer’s commission is less than 2% then no credit is given. Please note most commissions offered are 3%, if it is less than the 3% then you will be notified & disclosed so you are made aware upfront.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch, no gimmicks, and no gotcha moments.

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