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Hi there, my name is Andrew Valdez, Realtor at Hulett & Associates Realty. I have been in Hampton Roads Real Estate Since 2016. As a Realtor, I follow a very client-focused business model and deliver real estate expertise one-on-one. With as much passion as I have for the industry, it brings a natural, exceptional type of service. I represent buyers and sellers throughout Hampton Roads and continue to grow my real estate business through past clients, extensive marketing, and content creation.

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Just like in any other profession, there are good real estate agents ... and there are, unfortunately, subpar real estate agents, too. But how do you know if you've got a dreamboat or a dud handling your real estate transaction? One way to know whether you've got a good…
If you've never owned a house before, then it's entirely possible that you've never deep-cleaned a house. (Hey, no shame in that game.) But when the house is yours, the desire to see it as clean and sparkling as it can possibly be is strong -- and you might have no idea…
Buying a house - whether it’s your first or fifth - can be a bumpy process. Between the financing, the availability (or scarcity) of homes on the market in your price range that meet your needs, the offer process, the appraisal and the inspection, there’s a lot…

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